When my musical material bleeds into others’ musical material
When the others’ sounds and musical ideas bleed into mine
It is before polyphonic material forms composites
It is when polyphonic material is on its way to merge
It is an early stadium in the process of creating composites
It is when something is on the brink of becoming something else
It is deciding to let it bleed
It is when I incorporate a bell stroke from Ingar, consider it part of my arpeggio



1. From Dans les arbres' “La Transparence” on Canopée (ECM 2012)   (00:19)

2. From Dans les arbres' “L'Immatériel” on Canopée (ECM 2012)   (00:18)

3. The electronic tabla machine bled into the banjo and the guitars in Huntsville's “Arrow and Rain  (00:50) and “Eco  (00:47), both on Eco, Arches & Eras (Rune Grammofon, 2008) 

4. Material that bleeds into other material has been the main motivation and the origin of the video investigations within the project, leading up to Video Ensemble performed as part of the Final Artistic Presentation, 22 April 2015. The different video layers bleed into each other, visually, and form composites, something more, or at least something else, than the sum of each of the layers. It is thus linked to the moirés. Here is an excerpt: