Building a Huntsville piece, a Huntsville continuum takes time. Sometimes it feels like building up is just a necessity in order to get to the real interesting thing, the decrescendo. I love decrescendos, our endings. I could keep ending forever. Tear down. From maximum intensity. Or rather, tear down from maximum complexity. Attenuate. Peal off, layer by layer. Add new layers, new perspectives, while still maintaining the general direction from maximum to minimum. We never stop on maximum.

Obviously, the decrescendo reflects something. It reflects its predecessors, the crescendo, the Calder Mobile mounting. Everything that has happened. Without this a Huntsville-decrescendo is nothing.

Huntsville’s decrescendos are also about reducing, eliminating. 



1. I wanted to pursue this idea for the solo concert at the Final Artistic Presentation, 21 April 2015. I wanted to highlight the decrescendo. The material that is already existing on my looping machine when the concert begins, was recorded during the intermission just before I started.