Introduction to the encyclopaedia

Introduction to the encyclopaedia

This encyclopaedia is part of the documentation of my own reflections during my research fellowship project. 

It is a collection of good and bad artistic habits. It expresses my thoughts on how such elements consciously or unconsciously come into play when I play, or when I think about playing. It is an attempt to describe aspects of the music of Dans les arbres, Huntsville and my own solo projects within the project, seen from my perspective.

The terms in the encyclopaedia do not apply to all improvised music. It is not an attempt to make a handbook of how to improvise – not in general, not even specifically for Dans les arbres and Huntsville.

I have tried to give space for ambivalence and acknowledge my (constantly) changing opinions. I wanted to avoid a hierarchical arrangement of my reflections. Instead I have arranged the encyclopaedia in alphabetical order, with a lot of cross-linking. I believe this arrangement better serves the ever-changing constellation of my reflections.   

My reflections do not serve as the ensembles' collectively shared points of view. The reflections are, however, heavily informed by my colleagues in the ensembles, and by our informal discussions, both before and during the project. I realize that some of my reflections may stem from my colleagues. My main supervisor, Henrik Hellstenius, second supervisor, Eivind Buene, and Dans les arbres' pianist Christian Wallumrød have all been important during the work with the encyclopaedia. They have been reading, commenting and making suggestions. We have discussed various aspects in each of the terms, phrasings, ambivalences, contradictions, imprecisions and more. They have also reminded me of crucial aspects in our music that I had understated or simply forgotten. They have all helped me make my points of view clearer to myself. Hopefully they are clear, also, to you.   

Dear reader: set your own trajectory, improvise. Click, read, listen and watch. I would not mind if you get a little lost in all the cross-linking. The reflections that this encyclopaedia documents are easy to get lost in. The ‘Encyclopeaedia path’ above will track your latest moves.