POST #1 – What is this?

I joined the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme in October 2011, as a research fellow. My work as part of this programme takes place at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

This little blog is meant to keep you posted on the activity and progress in the project – from now, halfway through the project period till the end sometime during wintertime 2014/2015. Later, when the project is finished I will post all music, documentation and critical reflection on a separate web site.

Short introduction

My project is titled “Improvisasjon og repertoar” (Improvisation and repertoire), but I consider renaming it. Right now I call it Tumultuous timeline and the ensemble of me.

In this project I’m studying my own role as a musician in improvising bands, and how I can make music based on small findings in the bands I’m part of. A major part of the project is to actually MAKE this music. To play! Another big part is to document the process and to reflect on my findings, the music and the artistic process.

Please remember, this is work in progress! Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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