POST #2 – Ensemble of me, test version

Remember, this is part of my research project. This is work in progress. Read more here


I’m trying out different takes on making «ensembles of me», by composing sequences of pre-recorded material. I’m investigating flexibility and (lack of) in the ensemble. Improvising with the same background material, finding ways to add flexibility and randomness to the background material.

Here’s from an early test project in October 2012. My original plan was to improvise with the sound and video projection of 4-5 different versions of myself playing banjo and guitar. After hours and hours of recording, listening, editing, rendering film streams and rehearsing the whole thing I was so fed up with the pre-composed material. I wanted to change a lot of things. And there was certainly NO need for more strings! Too much, already. So – I decided that my live contribution in this test project would be remixing the pre-recorded material and playing on my nice little Folktek synth.

Here’s a little clip. Sorry for the too bright light on the projection. It is me x 4 playing banjo and guitar…

Ivar Grydeland solo ensemble, 2012. from Ivar Grydeland on Vimeo.

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