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Huntsville – with Ingar Zach and Tonny Kluften. Started working as a trio in 2005. 2 releases on Rune Grammofon, 3 on Hubro. Concerts in Europe, North and South America. Latest album «POND» released March, 2015.

Dans les arbres – with Christian Wallumrød, Xavier Charles and Ingar Zach. Started our work as a band in 2004/2005. 2 releases on ECM. Concerts in Europe, North America and Japan.

Solo – my solo debut «Bathymetric Modes» was released on Hubro (2012). My second solo album «Stop Freeze Wait Eat» was released on Hubro in October, 2015.

Artistic research – My artistic research project «Ensemble and Ensemble of Me – What I Think About When I Think About Improvisation» (2011-2015) took place at Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, under the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.  The project is fully documented here.

Siri & Snelle Produksjoner – I have composed and performed music for 6 dance performances with the company Siri & Snelle Produksjoner over the last 9-10 years.

Hanne Hukkelberg –  playing in her band since 2007. Contributed on her two albums «Blood from a stone» (2009) and «Featherbrain» (2011). Concerts in Europe, North America and Japan.

Last heat – since 2009(?). Concerts in Norway.

Electric Pansori – with Per Oddvar Johansen and Christian Wallumrød. Since 2010. Concerts in Norway. No release yet, but working on it.